Days Gone Tips and Tricks

Days Gone tips and tricks

This is a Days Gone Tips and Tricks article offers 48 tips on issues that affected my gameplay experience. They are things I learned through the game, including the things I had to research myself. When you hit certain parts of the game, you are going to go online looking for answers. Read this article (or watch the video), and at the very least you will have a far smoother gaming experience.

Days Gone Tips and Tricks

Above is a link to my video version of this article. If you like my video, please click “Like” on YouTube because it helps get my videos seen by more people, which means I can keep making them. Days Gone is a great game, it was a pleasure to complete it and writing this guide was a labour of love.

Do Not Worry Too Much About Fuel

The game asks that you roll your bike down hill to save on fuel and so forth, and many online articles tell you to save fuel, but it is just not necessary. Fuel is very abundant, often free, and is very easy to get.

     +  There are petrol stations everywhere that dispense free fuel.

     +  Each camp will fill your tank for just a few credits.

     +  Your initial home base has a free refuelling station.

     +  Almost every Nero science Checkpoint has fuel canisters that respawn, as do many of the non-labratory Nero locations.

     +  Almost every ambusher camp you conquer has a can or two laying around.

     +  There are many tow trucks strewn around the map that hold canisters of gas on them, and they too respawn when you visit the next time.

I get the strong feeling that Days Gone was going to have more survival elements, especially since the deer hunting mechanic seems like it was cut down half way through development. The advice the game gives about saving fuel is more likely the remnant of earlier ideas where the game was supposed to be very harsh and offer very few resources so that you had to scrape by with what you had. Even the collecting freaker ears for rewards function seems like it was tagged on after the developers were told to make the game a little easier.

Pick Up a Bat and Use it Before Upgrading

Want to save on materials and extend the life of your weapon? Then use your bat a little while, allow it to wear itself out a little, and then upgrade it. You can double the life of your melee weapon by first picking up the baseball bat, using it until it almost disintegrates, and then upgrading it, which restores its life.

Residue Bolts do Not Work on Hordes

There are pre-determined hordes that run around the map in very specific locations. You may be tempted to fire a residue bolt into the mix to start some in-fighting, but the residue bolts do not work on horde freakers. Even if those freakers are hanging around outside the horde, if they are designated as part of the horde, then the residue bolt has no effect on them. The residue bolts are best used when burning down nests because that is when they work the best. Residue bolts also do not work on high-level freakers.

You Can Sabotage Enemy Bikes to Get Scrap

Knock riders off their bikes without damaging their bikes too much, and you can sabotage their bikes for scrap. So long as the bike is not an ally’s bike, and it is not too damaged, then you can pull scrap from it.

Take a Screenshot of the Map When You Get IPCA Tech

After the credits roll, you are given the chance to earn the stun gun. However, you need to collect 18 pieces of IPCA technology. When I had finished the game, I had only 16, so I had to go online, find the locations of each, and visit every location to see where I had missed the IPCA tech pickup. Avoid this problem by taking a screenshot or Smartphone photo of the map whenever you pick up IPCA technology. That way, at the end of the game, you know where “Not” to visit in order to find your final pieces of IPCA tech. I used this website to find the IPCA technology.

Let Them Run Into Your Field of Aim

A large part of the tension in this game is born from the game trying to make you panic. It doesn’t try to scare you, but it does use every trick in the book to make you panic because you shoot and flail wildly when you panic. Learn to relax, and to take a very measured approach to your shooting. Do not be afraid to shoot the freakers up close, especially since that is when they are the most vulnerable.

We have all seen them do that head twitch thing where they dodge your bullets, well you can avoid this by aiming, and then letting the freakers run into your field of aim before you pull the trigger. Do not follow them around the field because they will continue to dodge, just keep your aiming reticle pointed in their direction, and wait for them to move into position before you to shoot them.

Death flails Are a Big Problem

The game is built to make you panic, and death flails are a big part of that. The freakers will flail around and will even keep running for you and clawing at you when they are already dead. They cannot hurt you after they have died, even if they are still clawing at you. However, you do not often know this, and may keep shooting and swinging.

One of the things you can do is count how many shots or hits a kill takes with your current weapon to kill a freaker. That you do not waste shots or swings on dead-already zombies. Also, try to learn the animations that occur after death has occurred so that you can differentiate a living zombie from one that is in its death throws.

Turn On The XP Indicators

Go into the main menu, and then to options, and then to game play. At the bottom you will see the function that says, “XP Indicators.” This turns on the function where you can see your XP flying off your enemies when you kill them. It may dissolve a bit of the game immersion for some, but it gives a clear indication of when an enemy is dead. If the death flails are becoming a problem for you, then this will help you see when an enemy is dead. It also lets you know if your traps were successful when you are dealing with hordes because you see the XP numbers flying around in the distance. Also, it lets you know when you hit a head shot, which is great if you have the “Head Rush” skill that recovers a little of your health when you shoot an enemy in the head.

The Trophies Section Actually Has a Use

The trophies section teaches you how to play the game more freely. Teaching you things like rewarding you for damaging your bike so you do not drive around scared to bash into things. It teaches you to attack enemies with crafted weapons, and forces you to experiment with every type of crossbow bolt so that you learn their unique advantages in the game.

Your Aim Improves As Your Crouch

When you see a gun’s stats, and it says “Accuracy.” It is actually giving you an idea of where your bullet will land when you fire your gun. For example, the shotgun has a very wide spread, which is why the aiming reticle is very large. Other weapons have a smaller reticle because their accuracy statistics are far higher. You can improve your accuracy by making the aiming reticle smaller. You can do it with the correct skills, like the “Fight and Flight” skill and the “Deadshot” skill. In addition, you can also increase your gun’s accuracy by standing still. You can also crouch to improve the spread and make your aimed shots even more accurate.

Items Respawn At Certain Places

Your initial base on the mountain has items strewn everywhere that keep respawning every day. The Nero Checkpoints (laboratories) have respawning items, which usually includes a bit of scrap, and almost always includes a health pack inside the laboratory trailers. Plus, your initial base and the Nero labs all have free fuel, so you can fast travel to each of them, have a bit of a restock of some of your equipment, and then carry on with your missions.

Hit Deers and Wolves With Your Bike

Just like hitting freakers and enemies, you can hit wildlife with your bike too. It is often easier and quicker than getting off your bike and shooting, and/or trying to shoot wildlife while while you are on you bike. Sadly, hitting a bear won’t kill it, though I have never hit one at full speed with the nitrous on. However, even a bash at a regular speed will damage your to within 3% of a total write-off.

How Do I Counter Attack? How to use Escape Artist Skill in Days Gone

If you have the “Escape Artist” skill, then you bash the correct button shown on screen until you break from the grapple. Then, a button will appear on the screen (triangle on the Playstation), and a small line will spin around it. You have to stop the spinning line in the section that is highlighted. If you do, then the counter attack will happen and the enemy will die. Do not panic when it is spinning because you cannot be attacked while you are in the grapple.

Dodge Roll the Breaker

Though the Breakers look intimidating, they are actually one of the easier higher-level enemies to kill. Their only move is to run at you and bash. As the Breaker nears you, just dodge away at the last moment. You then have a few seconds to shoot him at close range before he runs again, whereupon you dodge roll again and repeat the process.

The Auto-Shotgun is a Great Mid-Game Gun for Freakers

The Auto-Shotgun is awesome for taking down freakers. It works the best when they are close, and it has a very wide spread so that when they are close it is hard to miss them. It has a massive ammo capacity, especially if you have the “Up the Ante” skill.

Plus, it shoots as quickly as you pull the trigger, and you can shoot lots of shots before needing to reload. You can shoot very quickly with the auto-shotgun, and that is true both in and out of focus mode.

Do not make the mistake of shooting too far away from the enemy. Even at a middle distance, the gun has little effect. It only becomes super effective when enemies are very close. The closer they get, the more effective the gun becomes.

There are other automatic shotguns, but this is by far my favorite because of its massive ammo capacity. I did move on to more powerful guns in the later game, including the Liberator shotgun. But, the auto shotgun got me through a bulk of the middle game. You will probably be all done with the gun by the time you reach the crater lake map and things start getting a bit more dangerous.

If you want the Auto Shotgun (the Drum Mag Shotgun), then you need to complete 25% of the ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline. In short, there are 40 hordes spanning all the maps in the game. Three of the hordes you are forced to play through storylines, leaving 37 optional hordes. Kill ten hordes, and you get the automatic shotgun.

This Eurogamer article told me everywhere I needed to go in order to find the hordes. If you keep arriving at a location and noticing that the horde is never there, then check your progress to see if you have destroyed that horde already.

Shoot Enemies in the Head

Not only do you get 1.5x more XP if you shoot a freaker in the head, but there are also a skill upgrade called “Head Rush” where you get some of your life back if you shoot enemies in the head.

Hunting Freakers At Night

I have read several articles saying that hunting freakers at night gives you more XP because they are stronger. I am having a really hard time proving this because the freakers seem to give off the same amount of XP day or night. However, during the day there are mostly swarmers outdoors, which give you 20XP for a regular kill. Whereas at night there are far more Bleachers, which give you 50XP per regular kill. Perhaps the confusion between Swarmers and Bleachers is where the misunderstanding arose.

Stealth Killing Gives You More XP

Take the Screamer. Shoot her and get 150XP. Stealth kill her, and you get 262XP. Getting the extra XP probably doesn’t matter later as you are blasting through wave after wave of enemy, but the extra XP is handy earlier in the game when you are struggling to find resources and you need to level up.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot Rather Than Being Stealthy

Killing using stealth is good because it means you can get freaker ears without having to spend money on bullets or fixing up your melee weapon. Yet, if you are playing on normal, then feel free to blast away with bullets rather than stealthing. Firstly it is faster, and secondly, you can always buy bullets again using the credits you earn in camp. Plus, the money you get for hunting wildlife is far more than what you get for handing in freaker ears. By the middle of the game you will be swimming in credits in a variety of different camps, and bullets are not nearly as rare or expesnive as the game would have you believe.

Upgrade Your Bike and Drive Over Freakers

You can upgrade your bike to become more deadly so that any freakers you hit will die outright. You can do this with the regular bike, but you have to hit them at a high speed to make them die. However, after your upgrades, you can poke your bike a little and they will die without causing too much damage to your bike. Also, as you upgrade your bike, it becomes faster, which means you do not need such a big run up before being at freaker-killing speed.

You Do Not Have to Crouch to Stealth

All you have to do is catch the enemy at a low alert level. This means you can literally sprint up behind an enemy and initiate a stealth take down. The only way it doesn’t work is if the enemy becomes aware of you before you press the stealth take down button, which for the Playstation is the triangle button.

Shooting People Off Bikes

When you encounter regular bikers, your best bet is to shoot them off the bike. Do not worry about being too accurate. Even a bike at 9% will still give off 3 scrap when you sabotage it. So, do not worry yourself too much about keeping the enemy bike safe. It is only when the enemy bike is totally destroyed that you cannot get scrap from it.

Bash People Off Their Bikes During Missions

An upgraded bike is also more durable and deadly so that it can easily damage other people on their bikes. There are several occasions where you will have to chase somebody down as part of a mission. Instead of shooting, just bash them, using your nitro to help get you up to speed, and it is more efficient and quicker than trying to shoot them off while riding your bike. Do this mostly for missions when you are tired of being shot at because if you do it when you are out and about, then it ruins the bike and you can’t scavenge any scrap off the bike.

There Are No “Best” Skills

I keep reading articles about how certain skill types are the best, and it is just not true. With the exception of the focus shot, which should have been a base game feature and not a skill, with the exception of the focus shot, all the skills have their own merits and all allow for different play styles.

There are obviously some that are built to help people take down hordes, especially the last-tier shooting perks. And, there are obviously some built to help you out in the field. However, each set of skills has its own merit because each of them applies to certain play styles. The skills that get you excited may not excite your friends in the same way. This is because they play differently to the way you do.

You Can Re-Fill Ammo At Gun Lockers

I didn’t know this, but you can refill your ammo at gun lockers. Go in to select a gun from the ones you have purchased already. You can choose another gun if you wish, and have it filled with ammo. Or, you can select the gun you already have in your gear and choose to refill it with ammo. The cost of refilling your ammo is taken from a friendly camp.

Throw a Bomb and Roll

There are many ways to take down hordes using the weapons at your disposal. That is part of the fun of the game. At times when I was panicking, or out of bullets, I would use the throw-a-bomb and roll method. In fact, when timed correctly, throwing explosives became a good way to put a few moments of distance between me and the horde.

Feel Your Gamepad Rumble When You Are Tracking

The game has very few annoyances, but one of the things I personally found a little taxing were the tracking missions. One thing that helped was when the survival vision was active, I could slowly turn around and feel for the gamepad rumble. Your pad will rumble whenever you are facing the direction of the next clue. In most cases this helped me find the clue, especially when it was something small that are very difficult to spot.

The Best Melee Weapons Are Found

On the Crater Lake map and Highway 97 map, you are going to find the most powerful melee weapons. Once you find them, do not drop them because they may be tricky to find again. When you finally come across them, keep them, and repair them before they break. Use the “Field Repairs Skill” and use scrap to repair your weapon in the weapon wheel.

Get Through Doors Faster

You can burst through most doors. Running, or sprinting, you can burst through doors. You do not have to hold a button (square for the Playstation 4) in order to get through, unless you are trying to get through Nero Science trailer doors.

Every Horde Member Must Be Killed

You need to kill every member of a horde. If even one of them manages to get away, then you have to track it down or your achievement will not be logged. This can be very frustrating if one of the horde glitches out and gets stuck behind a wall. It can also be annoying if one of them wanders off and you have to go on a freak hunt.

Also, on a related note, one of the missions near the end asks you to kill a massive horde at the Sawmill. If you take down the horde before the mission comes up, then do not worry. The mission still plays out, but instead of you taking down the horde during the mission, you show up and everybody is all like, “Good fight, well done.” As if you had just completed the fight.

Can’t Complete a Mission Glitches

There are going to be times when you cannot complete a mission, quite often because you had to carry something or find something that has disappeared. When you load, the game does a sort-of soft reset. This means that the horde that was hunting you may have disappeared, or the box that you lost will have re-spawned.

There may even be times when you are on a bounty hunting mission, and you arrive to find the target is not there. You re-load your game, travel back to the area, and the enemy is suddenly there because by loading you softly reset the game to eliminate the earlier glitch. Whatever it is that is bothering you, such as a lost item or missing enemy, will be resolved if you are doing a mission and you load your game again. It is even better if you can save right then and there before you load so that you do not lose too much progress.

Stealth Kill the Screamer

The screamer enemy is harmless and will not attack you. Her only defense is to call other freakers, drain your stamina, and then run away very quickly. Stealth her for 262 XP. It is the best way to dispatch her because you only get 150XP for a straight kill, and 150XP for a head shot.

Stealth Kill the Breaker

No matter how you kill the Breaker, you are only going to get 200XP, even if you kill him with a head shot. However, if you manage to see him and kill him before he sees you, then you get 350XP. You will need the Executioner skill [SCREENSHOT] in order to take down higher tier enemies.

Stealth Kill Reachers

Just like the other higher-tier enemies in this game, the Reachers do not offer extra XP for shooting them in the head. All you get is 200XP per kill, unless you stealth kill, for which you will get 350XP.

Don’t Try to Stealth Kill Runners

Just like with the Screamer and the Breaker, you get no extra benefit from shooting the runner’s head. The most XP you can get from a runner is 150XP. Your best bet is to crouch with a shotgun and blast them. It gets them in the face for an instant kill, and it makes it pretty difficult to miss once they are up close.

Don’t Try to Stealth Kill Rager Bears

You can run in circles and the fluffy bugger and he can’t get to you. Just run around in circles until it runs out of steam, and then turn around and blast it.

When killing a Rager bear, do not reload. Simply use one gun, and when it is out, switch to another gun. The Rager bear relies on you pausing and standing still in order to strike, which you can avoid more easily by switching weapons rather than reloading. You can do the same thing when you are in a sticky situation with a horde. Don’t reload, just switch weapons and then reload later when you make some space between you and the enemy.

How to Get Into the Chemult Community College Nero Checkpoint

As you go searching out the Nero Checkpoints, you will come across on in the Chemult College and no matter what you do, you will not be able to get inside. This is only temporary. As you go through the main missions, the area will open up. This means that the mission “World’s End – Restore Power to Nero Checkpoint” cannot be completed until you have completed the missions, “I’m Never Givin Up\ So Many of Them.”

Refuel and Restock at Camps

Do not worry about running out of money. You may run out of money at a camp after you have just paid for a few upgrades, but in most cases you will be flooded with camp credit. Even by accident, you are going to collect freaker ears, and you are probably going to pick up plants and dead animals, all of which can be traded in for credits. Plus, many missions pay in credits too.

In short, do not worry about running out of money in camps. With that in mind, every time you visit, you should resupply your bullets, health items and throwables, and you should repair your bike and fuel it up. These functions alone are going to save you a lot of fussing and messing around while playing the game.

Throw Molotovs and Roll

Sometimes, you are forced to make a snap decision and throw a molatov near yourself. This often results in you being set on fire. However, you can sometimes avoid this by throwing the molatov, or napalm, and then rolling before you continue running away. The roll seems to cancel out the fire effect before it starts.

The Burnout Apocalypse Trophy

They want you to drift for five seconds. For this, you need the Nitrous III upgrade, which is a late-game upgrade. You also need to downgrade, to the first bike engine, the standard engine, and the first set of tyres. Finally, when you do your drift, do not pull your analogue stick all the way to the right or left. Instead, pull it diagnoally to the left or right in order to create larger drifting circles. For some reason, when I did it, I was pulling the analogue in an upper diagnal direction, but the circle I made was very small. Finaly, if you are still struggling, then try it out in the rain or in the snow. The goal is to keep the bike moving. This is a frustrating trophy that took me a while to achieve, but that is how I did it.

Things Get a Little Farcry 5

In Farcry 3, and 4, and especially in Farcry 5, you can make use of wildlife. They will run in and kill some of the enemy. Despite you being unable to control animals like in FarCry, there are times when enemies will fight enemies. Wild animals will attack human enemies, Freakers will attack Breakers, and there are even times when hordes will run in and start attacking human enemies when you don’t expect them.

You Can Only Carry 999 Freaker Ears

After defeating a horde, I learned that I can only carry 999 of one variety of freaker ear. I had already killed the horde and there was no way to pick up the ears. I went away and sold the ears, and then returned. The dead body symbols were still on my mini map, but the bodies had gone. Luckily, I was able to still pick up the ears from the invisible bodies.

Fire is a Mixed Blessing

Firstly, I love the attractor bomb, it has saved my hide a bunch of times in this game, but I also learned to love fire. It is a mixed blessing because you can easily light yourself on fire by accident, but all you have to do is roll to put yourself out. Run through fire and you will set alight, but it doesn’t stop you attacking, which means you can sacrifice a little of your life, cause some damage while still on fire, and then roll to put yourself out before carrying on.

The Bits You Missed

There was a bunch of stuff I had not uncovered near the Ripper (RIP) area. Turns out that progress on some stories and even some hordes are blocked off if there are still fogged out areas on your map, this even includes when you complete the game and go into the end-game section. Turns out I had even missed an Ambush Camp. It was the reason I couldn’t get the last Nero Intels and even my last Nero Injector.

End Game And Missing Hordes

When I had finished the game, some of the hordes came up and I killed them, but it was saying I still had some to kill on Highway 97. I continued playing, trying to find stuff I had missed, and then I died. Afterwards, the hordes seemed to appear for what I assume is no reason. However, it may have been because I was opening up and traveling through areas that I had missed during the game.

You’re Safe Now

There are a series of missions with a traumatised young girl. At the end of the game, you are going to see it is only at 90% completed. Keep completing end-game tasks, including taking out the hordes, and eventually the ending of her mission will present itself.

Days Gone is a Brilliant Game

It is well worth seeing it through all the way to the end, and playing through the missions in the end-game period. I know people say that this is just another zombie sandbox in an already oversaturated marketplace, but that is not the point. It is like the developers took everything about sandbox games, examined it, and purposefully removed all the annoying stuff.

I usually cant finish sandboxes. Usually because there is too much to do, or the story gets lost, or I become over leveled and bored or whatever. But, I played all the way through Days Gone, including the end-game stuff, and I think it is brilliant.

It is good to see that developers can learn from the mistakes of others. Even with regards to the story. Many of the story missions are seemingly inconsequential, but that is part of the Days Gone world. Every mission doesn’t have to be a firework display, every character moment doesn’t have to be exaggerated, and the protagonist is sometimes allowed to be kinda pissed off with what he has to put up with. I think the character moments alone are enough to sell this game.

Sure, the love story seems tired, and like it has been done 100 times, but has it? This is not Mario rescuing princess Peach, this is two real people struggling to cope, and then one losing the other and still holding out hope he will find out what happened to her. I know there are a lot of sandbox zombie games out there, but this is the first one I have found that got everything right, and that is something worth celebrating. Thank you SIE Bend Studio.

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