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Are Your Creatures Spawning Correctly?

Later in the game, you are able to attract Dark Angels and Black Knights. Before moving onto sacrifices, please make sure that you can receive Dark Angels and Black Knights the correct way. If they are not spawning, then your game may have a bug that needs fixing.

I have detailed how you fix the bug in this article:
How to fix the spawning problem in Dungeon Keeper 2

What To Sacrifice At The Holy Temple

Holy Temple in Dungeon Keeper 2

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You are able to drop things in your unholy temple in order to receive things in return. You are also able to cast spells onto the hand that it in the center of the unholy temple. Below are combinations of things you may sacrifice for a reward. I have tried most of them, but not all of them.

Evil Creatures

Each combination requires that you sacrifice in a certain order. I have tried most of these, but not all of them. In order to sacrifice a spell, you must cast it in the center of the holy temple where the upward pointing hand is located.

Imp ————— 1 Black Knight, 1 Warlock, 1 Firefly
Black Knight — 1 Guard, 1 Mistress
Goblin ———— 2 Warlocks
Troll ————— 2 Dark Elves
Warlock ——— 2 Trolls
Salamander — 2 Rogues
Dark Elf ——— 2 Skeletons, 1 Firefly
Bile Demon —- 2 Vampires
Dark Mistress – 2 Salamanders
Skeleton ——— 2 Mistresses
Rogue ————- 2 Bile Demons
Vampire ——— 2 Black Knights
Dark Angel —– 1 Firefly, 1 Black Knight, Warlock

Those Darn Illusive Fireflies

Dark Angels and Fairies are the strongest players in the game. The fairies are pretty useless at low levels, but are big hitters if you level them up. Sadly, they need fireflies, and fireflies cannot be created by sacrifices. The only way to get them is through the portal, but they do not spawn very much in the later game.

They are attracted by lairs, which is fair enough, but later in the game your lairs are competing with warlocks for libraries, trolls from workshops, dark elves from guard rooms and so forth. If you are looking to spawn a firefly in the later game, then you can wait around and hope, or you can start deleting your specialized rooms to increase the chances of you getting a firefly.

Holy Creatures

Try to aim your spells at the large hand coming out of the temple. I have had a hard time trying to cast the “Create Imp” spell in the holy temple.

Dwarf ———— 1 Goblin, Create Imp Spell
Knight ———– 1 Black Knight, Turncoat Spell
Giant ————- 1 Bile Demon, 1 Salamander, Tremor Spell
Wizard ———- 1 Warlock, Inferno Spell
Elven Archer — 1 Dark Elf, Sight of Evil Spell
Thief ————– 1 Mistress, Create Gold Spell
Monk ————- 1 Vampire, 1 Guard, Heal Spell
Guard ———— 1 Rogue, 1 Dark Elf, Call to Arms Spell
Fairy ————– 1 Mistress, Firefly, Lightning Spell

Free Doors From Sacrificing

I have no idea why the developers decided to make one of these include a guard, which is a creature you have to capture rather than lure.

Barricade ——— 1 Imp, 1 Elven Archer
Wooden Door — 1 Imp, 1 Thief
Braced Door —– 1 Imp, 1 Guard
Steel Door ——– 1 Imp, 1 Knight
Magic Door —— 1 Imp, 1 Wizard
Secret Door —— 1 Imp, 1 Rogue

Magic Spells From Sacrificing

Don’t bother trying to harvest thieves for the money spell because it is hardly worth your time. If you need money and you have ran out of places to get it, then start putting enemies and your own monsters in your prison. When they die, they drop all their money. You can drop your low level creatures into your prison and then slap them around until they have one bar of life left. Wait a little while, and they will deposit their funds on the floor when they turn into skeletons, and don’t forget that skeletons do not cost you money or space in your lair.

Increase Gold ———— 3 Thiefs
Increase Mana ———- 3 Monks
Receive Imps ———— 1 Bile Demon, 1 Dark Elf, 1 Mistress
Stun Imps —————– 1 Bile Demon, 1 Giant, 1 Guard
Make Happy ————– 2 Mistress, 1 Fairy
Make Unhappy ———- 1 Black Knight, 1 Goblin, 1 Dark Elf
Reinforce The Walls — 2 Dwarves, 1 Mistress

Free Traps From Sacrificing

These are fairly easy to work, though I found that sometimes you have to do them twice to get the trap. The trap will appear within the boundaries of the temple.

Boulder Trap ——– 1 Imp, 1 Giant
Gas Trap ————— 1 Imp, 1 Bile Demon
Sentry Trap ———- 1 Imp, 1 Warlock
Alarm Trap ———- 1 Imp, 1 Dark Elf
Fireburst Trap —– 1 Imp, 1 Salamander
Lightning Trap —- 1 Imp, 1 Mistress
Freeze Trap ——— 1 Imp, 1 Fairy
Fear Trap ————- 1 Imp, 1 Skeleton
Trigger Trap ——– 1 Imp, 1 Troll
Spike Trap ———– 1 Imp, 1 Black Knight

Maybe it is just my game, but many times the traps I get from temples are never used. They simply sit in the workshop. I am not sure why this is, but I have some theories.

1 – Maybe I have to place the trap and then generate one at the temple.
2 – Maybe I am supposed to generate one at the temple and then place it.
3 – Maybe I am supposed to generate one at the temple and let it go to the workshop before placing it.
4 – Maybe I need to delete my workshop, place the trap (somehow) and let the imps use the traps generated from the temple.
5 – Maybe sacrifice traps only work on skirmishes.

Lure Dangerous Bosses

You can draw an enemy boss out by dropping your people in front of them, letting the boss run towards your creature, then picking up the creature and dropping it a few tiles away. Lead the boss to a stone bridge over lava.

Lava and bridge

Delete the stone bridge surrounding the boss, leaving just the tile that the boss is stood on and the boss is then trapped.

Single Cell Apartments

If your creatures become unhappy because they are sharing lairs. For example, if you have converted a monk and he is unhappy sharing a lair with a vampire, then create single-square lairs so that no creature is sharing.

Bed pattern with Dungeon Keeper 2

Imprison Your Own For An Army of Undead

Build a massive army of skeletons by imprisoning your own creatures. Salamanders and rogues piss me off, so I leave them in the prison to starve and turn into skeletons. In addition, you can have as many skeletons as you like and it doesn’t count towards your portal limit. Slap your creatures so they only have two bars of life and it speeds up their conversion into skeletons.

Lock Up Your Own Creatures with Dungeon Keeper 2

Possible Cheat Codes

I couldn’t get them to work on my version, but maybe it was because I was playing a GOG version that has been patched. Here they are anyway, maybe they will work with your version of Dungeon Keeper 2. Maybe they only work on skirmish or non-campaign modes.

Press CTRL + ALT + C, and you will hear the sound of a creaking door. You may now enter the codes written below.

ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway — 100,000 Mana
feel the power ———————– Advance all monsters’ skill to 10.
do not fear the reaper ————- Automatically Win Level
This is my church ——————- Enable All Rooms
Fit the Best ————————— Enable All Traps and Rooms
i believe its magic —————— Get All Spells
show me the money ————– Get Money
now the rain has gone ———— Show the Map

If you find a gem mine, then build a treasury around it and the imps will gather gold very quickly.

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