Guide To Finding All The Chinpokomon

Guide To Finding All The Chinpokomon

Chinpokomon are a rip on Pokemon, and true to the Pokemon tradition, you are encouraged to collect them all. If you do, you get the Chinpokolypse trophy (on the console version), and you make another friend to add to your collection.

It is worth collecting all the Chinpokomen because you do not have to go tremendously out of your way to get them. All the Chinpokomon are listed in chronological order, so you may collect them as you complete quests and push the storyline forwards.

Not only are the Chinpokomon listed in order, the list is also separated out into day one, day two and day three. Collect each one on their assigned day because some may not be available later in the game.

Where To Find All The Chinpokomon in Chronological Order

Below is a list of all the Chinpokomon you can collect in chronological order. The Chinpokomon guide also includes tips and hints for extra prizes and treats within the game.

Warning – This Chinpokomon guide has spoilers that exposes secrets and tricks on how to get the Chinpokomon toys. If you have not played the game through yet, or you do not want secrets such as how to complete the puzzles, then maybe you shouldn’t read this guide just yet.

Day 1 – South Park Stick Of Truth

These are the Chinpokomon you can get on the first day. Most of them you are able to run around and get right away, but some require you to progress the story and/or acquire other abilities before you are able to get them.


Pengin Cartman's Garage in South Park Stick Of Truth

It is in Cartman’s Garage, so you can finish talking to the Wizard and run out and get it as your first Chinpokomon. In Cartman’s living room in the cabinet drawer.


Monkay Chinpokomon In Butters Room

It is in Butter’s room. After the tutorial where you fight those kids in Cartman’s house, you will be able to pay a visit to Butter’s house. Don’t forget that the key to the Chaos Lair is also in Butter’s house in his drawers in his bedroom.

Chu-Chu Nezumi

Chu-Chu Nezumi near Butters house

This one is next to Butter’s house. After the tutorial events in Cartman’s house, you will receive the bow and arrow set. Leave Cartman’s house and head left back towards your house and you will pass Butter’s house. Shoot the Chu-Chu Nezumi Chinpokomon out of the tree.

Roo-Star (need Chaos lair key)

Get The Key to Butters Lair Of Chaos Location

Go to Butter’s house to the right of your house (screen right) and use his house key that he gave you after the tutorials. Grab the key to Butter’s lair of Chaos. You will find it in his drawers in his bedroom.

How To Get Into The Storage Area

Head to the top right of the map. You will see a storage company with a homeless man outside of it. Follow the image below to get into the storage area and find the lockup.

Professor Chaos lair with Roo Star

Enter the lair, walk around and head upwards towards the Roo-Star Chinpokomon, where you will have to shoot it down to get it.



You will find this one behind Father Maxi at the Town hall. Shoot it down with your bow and arrow. Don’t forget that there are three eastward directions you may take. If you go the other way, there are prizes and stuff to the far left. On the picture, I highlighted the three paths with green arrows.



In Skeeter’s bar, in the main bar room on the back wall you will see the Flowerpotamus. You will need to knock it down with your ranged attack.

Velocirapstar (need gas mask)


This one is at Token’s house. You will need to get into his compound beforehand, which is going to require a gas mask. You get the gas mask at Jimbo’s hunting store. You cannot get into Token’s house, so you will have to shoot the Velocirapstar from his window and retrieve it from the floor.



This is an easy one. Go to the Bijou Cinema and look to the top left of the booth that the ticket seller is in. It is very easy to get with a ranged weapon, but very easy to miss as you walk by.



It is east of your house. Start walking screen right as if you are going to Kenny’s house. Before you get to the area with the train tracks (he lives the wrong side of the tracks), you will see a small boy building a snow man. Smash the block of logs and it is hidden behind the tree. Smash the boy’s snowman, and he will become your friend. There is another kid building a snowman in another area, and you shouldn’t smash his.



The RabbiTech is in the police station. You have to go inside and up the stairs. It is the door on your screen right (Eastward). Enter the room and climb the small latter to find it. It looks a little like a piece of evidence, so it is easily missed.

Poodlesaurus Rex (story related)

Poodlesaurus Rex

You need to enter the South Park Elementary School. In the hall, look for an air vent that looks a little bent at the edge. Shoot at it with your ranged attack in order to receive the Poodlesaurus Rex Chinpokomon. If you miss it, then do not fear because you can pick it up again by re-visiting the school.

Roidrat (story related)


At the Giggling Donkey, you will eventually end up in the attic. It is very conspicuously placed in the attic and is very difficult to miss. It is a story-related item, which means you need to progress the story before being able to find it.

Brocorri (need magic fart)


It is frozen in a blockoli of ice. Aim your magic fart at the fire lantern that is sat next to it. Let off a magic fart and it lets off an explosion that breaks the ice and allows you to pick up the Brocorri Chinpokomon. I would make a joke about how it is a rip on the Japanese accent, but doing so would be Razy Lacism.

Lambtron (Talk to Lu Kim)


You can saunter into the Mongolian tower and complete the challenge after talking to Tuong Lu Kim and starting the Mongolian beef quest. It is a great way to gain experience and gear up too. You will need to shoot down the Chinpokomon.

Beetlebot (story related)


At the very end of the Alien Ship level, just before you fight the final boss, you will enter the pilot’s room. In there, to the right, you will see the Beetlebot Chinpokomon. Shoot it down and proceed onwards.

Day 2

Now that you have the alien probe, the game starts to become more interesting. You may access all the areas you couldn’t before, and you can find more of the hidden treasure in the game.



Once you have the anal probe, you are able to explore the sewers more fully. Find Mister Hankey’s house and use the lever to open the gate. The toad is behind the bars.



While on the alien spaceship, you may have seen the images flash up on the alien screens. One of them appears to be an alien spacecraft in a lake. In Starks pond, you will see an alien probe sticking out of the water. Use it to enter the sunken UFO to find the Cosmonewt Chinpokomon.

Stegmata (story related)


To get this one, you will have to follow the story until you are abducted by Kyle’s followers. Don’t bother fighting the people who come to abduct you because you don’t get experience or items for it. Go inside of Kyle’s garage to find the Chinpokomon. You may get the key from his parent’s room.



Next to the community center is a basketball court, and in the court is a small item that is difficult to make out. It is actually the Vamporko Chinpokomon. Use your anal probe to reach it. The alien probe is on the left on the community center wall.

Ferasnarf (story related)


While trying to recruit the goth kids, you will find yourself in the community center. Talk to Mr Makey one time and he will give you a quest. Talk to him again and he will sell you things. Make your way to his storage lockup at the top right of your game map. Find his lockup and enter it. Shoot it down and retrieve it.

Gophermon (story related)


You need to be on a quest to recruit the goth kids. During the quest, you will have to enter the community center. In the toilet stalls, you will find the Chinpokomon. Once you complete the squeaker training, you will exit the toilet stalls automatically. Turn right back around and re-enter to get the toy.

Gunrilla (story related)


The mall turns into a crash site with a government building just before it. After you enter the government building and you are left alone, you may explore the rooms. At the very top left in the room where they had the meeting, you will see the Gunrilla toy.

Donkeytron (story related)


Your second assault on the school will happen from a side entrance. As you enter through the kitchen, you will see the Chinpokomon in the oven. Use your magic fart to blow up the flame, which will knock the toy out of the oven.

Pterdaken (story related)


During your second assault on the school. You will find a locker that you may open. The toy is inside.

Day 3

Now that you are able to shrink down, you are able to grab two Chinpokomon that you couldn’t access earlier in the game. The first is in an office, and the second is outside of Tweak’s coffee.



In the South Park Gazette news office, you will find a vent that either you can smash, or has been smashed for you. Shrink down and enter the vent in order to find the Accountafish toy. You may also continue onwards in the vent and get to the roof to make a new friend.



Just outside Tweak’s coffee shop, you will find the Terribovin and a bag you can look inside of. You have to shrink down in order to get it.

Fetuswami (story related)


You have to go through the “Unplanned parenthood” quest in order to find this one. When you are exiting the clinic because it has been attacked,. You will see a dead soldier with a grenade in his hand. Blow up the grenade by shooting it.

Biebersaurus (Find right after Canada visit)


It is imperative that you go find the Biebersaurus Chinpokomon right after your visit to Canada. If you allow the story to progress too far, you will end up in Clyde’s fortress and unable to retrieve the Chinpokomon. If you completed the Mr Hanky quest, then you probably opened the sewer near the cinema. If you did, then that is the way you should head because it is only a short walk westward (camera left) to the Crab People rock. Destroy the rock with the magic spell “Nagasaki” and you will be allowed to enter. You may also make friends with a crab person, and there is also a hidden box behind the crab that you may look inside of.



Finish the girl’s quest and you will be allowed to walk around in their base. Talk to everybody because some will make friends with you. There is a secret something behind the chairs on the left, and the Mouse-Tik Chinpokomon is in the girl’s base too.



Everybody’s favorite is nestled on the roof of Clyde’s fortress. It is almost camouflaged because of its dull colors on a dull background. Teleport up to the roof and retrieve the shoe to complete your collection.

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