A Park County Police Station Guide

Park County Police Station Map Location

Discover every smashable item, every box that may be opened and every secret. Enter the South Park Police Station and leave no stone unturned. In fact, if you return after you have the anal probe on day two, you may also meet Santa Claus. It is a big article, so follow this link to the police station guide, or click the mobile-friendly button below.

Park County Police Station Exterior

Enter the station via the main doors, but consider looting the car to the left of the image. It is the car with the busted boot and broken bumper. Smash it with your weapon and retrieve any items.

Park County Police Station Interior Downstairs

Explore and smash your way through this room. There is plenty to smash and there are a few objects you may open up to retrieve the items inside. If you are running through the game really quickly, then go straight upstairs. If you are taking it slow, then you may take a look in the cells to the left.

Park County Police Station Cells

In this room, you will see a convict and Romper Stomper. You may open Romper Stomper’s cell with the key you find upstairs in the locker room. Talk to him when you free him, and he will become your friend. You may also open the bag next to him. Head upstairs to find the key. You have to leave via the door you entered by to get upstairs.

Park County Police Station Interior Upstairs

Now you are upstairs, you may take a left or right, it doesn’t really matter which. We will go screen right to the evidence room. The door is unlocked, so walk on in.

Park County Police Station Evidence Room

Smash your way through the room and don’t forget to press the button. Behind the pallet of evidence is a box with items in it.

Smashables in the Locker Room

You cannot get into the locker room via the door, you have to hit the shelf with a projectile and go in through the air vent. Open up and smash things as you wish. You may leave via the door to the right (screen right) because you unlock it when you use it. However, you should go out via the emergency exit to lower the ladder. You may then return inside and go release Romper Stomper.

Find Santa Claus on the South Park police roof

Lower the ladder so that you may return later. When you return on day two or three, you may use the anal probe to reach the roof. On the roof is Santa Claus, who will become your friend if you talk to him. Go back to the cells to release Romper Stomper, and you are finished with the Park County Police station until you return to make friends with Santa.

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