South Park Stick Of Truth – The Reloading For Infinite Money Cheat

Infinite Money Cheat cover image

Places where the game has to reload are great for harvesting and re-harvesting the same items. One of the best places for this is probe room one on the alien spaceship. After rescuing Randy, you may enter and re-enter the room to harvest the many collectable items. Unlike other breakable items such as mugs, brooms, etc., the probe room almost always gives away microchips, glass and goo that you may sell. Ten minutes of spawning will solve most of your in-game cash flow problems.

Alien Ship - Outside Probe Room After Rescuing Randy

In the image above, you need to have rescued Randy and have allowed him to run off.
Breakable Items In Probe Room One - South Park Stick Of Truth

As you can see by the image, there are plenty of things to break and they produce items almost every time.

Alien Room - The Items You Will Recieve

I spent three minutes doing a little spawning and re-spawning and received 60 microchips. The image above shows how much the items will sell for. That little haul brought me $34.20.

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