The Surge 2 Tips and Tricks

Surge 2 tips and tricks

This article of tips for the Surge 2 contains mild spoilers because it discusses some later events in the game. It also discusses some trophies that perhaps contain mild spoilers. Here is the Youtube video featuring these tips.

92 Surge Tips and Tricks

1 – You Won’t Fall Off Ledges While Attacking

Do not be afraid to attack enemies when you are close to a ledge. While ever you are in an attack animation, you will not fall off the ledge. This means you can run up to the edge and spam the shoulder buttons to attack, and you will not fall off. It also means you can rush enemies near edges and attack them until they fall off.

Again, just to prove it, here is what some people think is a tricky area for falling off. But, if you go in there spamming your attacks, the enemies fall off but you do not.

2 – Why Doesn’t Parrying Work in the Surge 2?

This question, albeit less polity phrased, is a common one I have seen in forums about the game, so I am going to cover how to Parry in the Surge 2. The biggest problem is that most gamers have become used to the directional indicator telling you when to block, but that is not how the on-screen prompts work in this game.

The on-screen prompts only tell you which direction an attack is coming. In some cases, especially with the last boss, the time difference between the directional indicator and the actual time to block is very varied.

While holding block, the enemy’s attack will take some of your stamina. If you keep holding block, it takes more of your stamina and then starts to take health instead. If you are holding block and you point the analog stick in the direction of the attack when it is just about to hit, then you will parry the attack.

As a way of practicing, you may want to find an enemy with a slow and heavy weapon, and practice without the directional indicator on. Just block and press the analogue directional thumbstick in the direction from which you are being attacked when the hit is about to occur. Forget about the directional indicator until you are good at parrying, and then turn it back on to help you with bosses and such.

3 – Beating Warden Garcia in The Prison

This is a difficult boss because you are unaccustomed to all the game mechanics at this point, so here are a few tips. Go in there with a little scrap. That way, when you die and leave your scrap, it can be used to regain your health during the next battle. You get just over two minutes of time before you have to retrieve your scrap. It doesn’t matter if you don’t retrieve it in time because you can harvest a little more scrap before your next battle anyway.

If you go in there and die before retrieving your scrap, you harvest a little from the guy outside the medibay when you respawn, and then run on back and fight the boss again.

Bank some health before you go in there and fight the boss. You do this by attacking other enemies and building up your battery power. You then hold the inject button. On Playstation, you hold circle. This uses up a battery charge and converts it into a health recovery injectable.

You can bank two health injections at this stage in the game, so attack a few enemies before you run in and do the boss again. That way, you can run back to take on the boss with two health injections banked. Your banked health will be used first. After that, your battery charges will be used to replenish your health

The game wants you to use what you have learned so far, which means there are numerous tactics to beating this boss. You could simply try targeting weak areas, which in this case is the left arm.

Another tactic is to block and parry incoming attacks perfectly to open up the boss a get in some heavy damage. Remember that regular blocking stops damage, but takes up stamina. And, if you try to directional block and miss time it, then the enemy may still damage you. You need to be facing the enemy in order to block. Even if you are holding block, the enemy can damage you from behind.

Lock on with R3 to help you stay focused on the enemy. In this case, being locked on to the boss is a good thing, but that is not always the case. With some bosses, you need to dodge around without being locked on.

Don’t just hold onto block because your stamina doesn’t regain as you hold on. Do not block all the time because some attacks need dodging rather than blocking. Make sure you have the directional block analyzer implant activated, so that you can see which direction your enemies are going to attack you from.

Remember that you can bank some health injections while you are fighting. If you are getting a few good shots in, your battery charge will climb, and you can use that to replenish your health and bank health injections.

The game wants you block and it wants you to dodge to avoid some attacks. Dodging is done by moving your character in a direction and then pressing either the X on Playstation controllers, or A on XBox controllers. Don’t forget that dodging takes up a little stamina, and you can tire your character out if you keep dodging indiscriminately. If you are really struggling, just go in there with the aim of dodging and not attacking, and you will soon see how easy it is to dodge the boss’s attacks.

Attacking the left arm, move to avoid the drone shots, blocking, parrying, and dodging will allow you to beat this boss. Especially if you have banked a couple of health injections before you enter the fight. Kill the boss, and you get the drone as a rewards. You will also received 500 tech scrap for beating the boss.

If you are looking for the MG Jackknife Pro, you will have to take the boss down the hard way. You will have to severely damage the bosses right arm. Press R3 to lock on, and toggle until you are targeting the boss’s right arm. You will see a yellow shield. You need to do significant damage to this so that you may cut it off. As you can see, as the fight progresses, color drains from the yellow shield.

Blocking, parrying and attacking is more of an all-out damage attack, so don’t rely on it if you are taking down the boss the hard way. You will have to rely mostly on dodging and attacking the right arm.

Keep attacking the boss’s health until it the boss’s health is fairly low. You then need at least one battery charge for the finishing move prompt to appear. This allows you to cut off the boss’s right arm and retrieve the unique boss weapon called the MG Jackknife Pro.

After taking down the boss the hard way and cutting off its arm, you get one arm gear coils MK 1, and 500 tech scrap. You also get the special weapon the MG Jackknife Pro. You also get the combat drone, and the schematic for the A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear, which is a random drop and isn’t guaranteed from the boss, but you can pick it up outside from other enemies as the game progresses. If you accidentally took down the boss before you were able to sever the arm, then you can revert your save and try again. I explain in the next tip how you may revert your save.

4 – Revert Your Save if You Miss a Boss Item Drop

If you complete a boss but miss out on getting the boss’s special weapon, you can quit out of the game, go to continue, and instead of loading your save, you press the “Revert” button at the bottom. Once reverted, you will go back to your last save, which should be the one before the boss. The boss will be there again, and you can retry getting the special weapon. In most cases, it reverts your save back to the last time you used a medibay.

5 – The Points Multiplier is Based on Finishing Moves

A tech scrap multiplier is added whenever you pull off a finishing move. Some call it an execution move. The multiplier resets whenever you visit a medibay or die.

It doesn’t reset whenever you transition into a new area. Even though enemies re-appear, your bonus multiplier doesn’t reset. Some people exploit this to build up their multiplier. For example, you could keep running in and out of the prison area, respawning the enemies and building up your multiplier. However, I wouldn’t recommend this because it isn’t a very efficient way to level up your character or your gear.

The points multiplier goes up whenever you use a finisher on an enemy. It doesn’t go up based on how much tech scrap you have, or how many enemies you kill. It only goes up if you use finishers/executions on enemies.

You pull of finishers by attacking a certain part of the enemy, and hitting it until the finisher prompts comes up. You will need at least one battery charge in order to pull off the finisher, but if you are going on a bit of a grind, I suggest wearing a full set of VULTR armor with the Rig Capacitor implant. If you do that, then you don’t have to worry too much about regaining your charge every time you finish an enemy.

The maximum multiplier is three (3.0). This means that unless you have an implant or armour modifier, then the maximum tech scrap bonus you can receive is three times the amount you would normally get.

It becomes incrementally more difficult to push up the multiplier. Below is a quick chart showing what you get for finishing each number of enemies.

Kills With Finishers | Points Multiplier

1   |  1
2   |  1.1
3   |  1.2
4   |  1.3
5   |  1.4
6   |  1.5
7   |  1.55
8   |  1.6
9   |  1.65
10  |  1.7
11  |  1.75
12  |  1.8
13  |  1.85
14  |  1.9
15  |  1.95
16  |  2
17  |  2
18  |  2.025
19  |  2.5
20  |  2.75
21  |  2.1
22  |  2.125
23  |  2.15
24  |  2.175
25  |  2.2
26  |  2.225
27  |  2.25
28  |  2.275
29  |  2.3
30  |  2.325
31  |  2.35
32  |  2.375
33  |  2.4
34  |  2.425
35  |  2.45
36  |  2.475
37  |  2.5
38  |  2.525
39  |  2.55
40  |  2.575
41  |  2.6
42  |  2.625
43  |  2.65
44  |  2.675
45  |  2.7
46  |  2.725
47  |  2.75
48  |  2.775
49  |  2.8
50  |  2.825
51  |  2.85
52  |  2.875
53  |  2.9
54  |  2.925
55  |  2.95

If you want to get your bonus up to times three, also know as 300%, then you need to finish 55 enemies. When you kill the 56th enemy, be it a regular kill or one with a finisher, you will receive three times more scrap than you would normally.

The obvious risk-reward scenario is that if you die, then the multiplier starts again from 1, and if you use a medibay, then the multiplier resets.

As a side note, a finisher allows you to cut parts from enemies, and using the drone also allows you to cut parts from an enemy. But, a drone kill doesn’t count as a finisher. Your tech scrap bonus multiplier doesn’t go up when you kill an enemy with a drone.

6 – Open the First Gate Early

You can and should go around the long way to open this shortcut because there are things you are going to want to pick up. But if you want to speed up the process a little, then run and jump off of the bridge pictured below, go up, and open the gate early.

7 – Should I Be Worried About Trophies or Achievements?

If you are going for the platinum/all achievements, then yes, some of the trophies are missable. You can sweep around and get them again in New Game plus, but there are only really two that are not overtly obvious. There is a drone from the boss Captain Cervantes that is missable, and the drone from the Major General Ezra Shields boss fight is missable.

This article isn’t a trophy guide, but I will give guidance on the ones I missed so that at least you won’t miss the ones I did on my first play through. I went back through on New Game Plus to get get my trophies, and it is very easy to get your trophies on New Game plus. This is because you have mostly everything you need when you start new game plus, and most of the map is already open so that you can wander over at your leisure and pick up the last few trophies you missed the first time.

There is a boss fight with Major General Ezra Shields that changes the world. Before taking that boss fight, go back to the earlier areas and get the trophies you missed before the world changes. If you miss them the first time, you will have to get them in New Game plus. The fight with Ezra is heavily telegraphed, there is plenty of time to get things done. The guy actually appears on TV before the big fight, in his version of a pre-fight trash talk. Then, as a final warning, you literally get a final warning. The games way of saying you should go finish the other quests and attainable trophies before you continue.

In short, when you see the names Captain Cervantes or Major General Ezra Shields pop up as your boss battles, then pause the game and find out how you get their drones so that you can get the relevant trophy/achievement.

8 – The It’s a Trap Trophy

The “It’s a Trap” trophy asks you to disable an A.I.D checkpoint scanner gate without triggering its alarm. If you trigger the alarm at any point in the game, then you will need to disable a different scanner gate in order to get this trophy or achievement. After getting the EMP-44 Starfish drone module from Little Johnny, you can achieve this trophy by disabling at least one of the gates from the inside.

There are two things to note about this. Firstly, when the trophy/achievement says you need to disable a checkpoint gate before disabling it, they mean you shouldn’t trigger the gate at all. If you go through the gate at any point before it is disabled, then you don’t get this trophy or achievement.

Secondly, there are four checkpoint gates. Which means even if you set off the first three checkpoints you find, there is still a fourth one left over for you to achieve the trophy/achievement. If you accidentally set off every checkpoint gate you find, you can always try again with new game plus.

If you would like to know where to go for each checkpoint in order to disable each without setting them off, then watch the video at this point. Again, remember that you only have on disable a single gate without setting it off in order to get this achievement/trophy.

9 – Staggering Enemies to Break Off Their Attacks

The purple bar under your enemy’s health bar is not their stamina bar. It is their stability bar. Depleting the bar will make the enemy cancel their current action. This is important because it means you can actually interrupt their attacks if you stagger them at the right time.

There is a tutorial tip early in the game about enraged enemies. Saying that most enemies can get enraged during combat. Their health bar will flash when this state is active. Enraged enemies are much less likely to be staggered by incoming attacks. When an enemy becomes enraged, you will see the purple bar and the health bar start flashing. If you attack while the enemy is enraged, the stability bar hardly moves at all.

Weapon impact has an effect on enemy stability. As you can imagine, heavier weapons knock down stability bars faster. Still, the avoid misunderstandings, think of it less as a stagger/stability bar, and more of a move-interruption feature, since you are able to interrupt their actions when their stability bar is low enough.

10 – Bumping Up Your Tech Scrap Gains

There are three ways to bump up your tech scrap gains from the enemies you kill. And, they can be done fairly early in the game.

They are the multiplier system, VULTR Armor, and Implants. The first is the multiplier system, which was covered in the previous tip. To recap, the multiplier bonus kicks in when you take down an enemy with a finishing move.

The second way to bump up your tech scrap gains is to wear at least three pieces of VULTR armor. This gives you an additional 35% extra scrap, shown as an additional 0.35 scrap on the multiplier. VULTR armor is collected from enemies fairly early in the game.

The third way to bump up your tech scrap gains is with implants. There are two implants you can get that increase your tech scrap gains, and one of them can be found fairly early in the game. Itis called the “Reclamation Buddy.” Getting your first “Reclamation Buddy” implant is pretty easy. Make your way to the Jericho Seaside Court. Then get the doorway keycard from Brother Eli, and head on through the door to “Port Nixon.”

Run on down this way, and jump off the building on to the truck. Then, start severing the heads of the enemies you find down there until the “Reclamation Buddy” drops.

Reclamation Buddy Location From The Surge 2

The Reclamation Buddy gets you 10% more Tech Scrap, which stacks with the bonus you get from the VULTR armor and with whatever you have from the Tech Scrap Multiplier bonus from finishing enemies. There is another Reclamation Buddy in the game that gives you 40% more scrap, but it is located in the Cathedral of the Spark that is not accessible until much later in the game.

With the VULTR Armor, the first implant, and the multiplier, you start with a bonus of 1.45. After seven kills with finishers, you are getting 2.0 scrap. If you kill 60 enemies with a finisher, then you get a bonus of 3.45 times more scrap per kill. Which makes sense when you consider that the VULTR gives you 35% more and the early-game Reclamation Buddy gives you 10% more scrap. Just remember that if you die or use a medibay, then your bonus resets to 1.45.

Much later in the game, when you are able to visit the Cathedral of the Spark, you can get the VULTR armour with its 0.35 increase, the regular Reclamation Buddy with its 0.1 increase, and the Reclamation Buddy Ex implant with its 0.4 increase. Add in the Energized Material Converter, and you are ready to harvest. The first enemy you kill gives you 1.85 in tech scrap, and it continues to go up with finishing move after finishing move until it reaches a whopping 3.85, which is not bad.

11 – Turning on the Lights

When you are wearing a body piece of armor, you can turn on a light by pressing down on the D-pad. Oddly enough, the way they have made darkness a movable object on its own means that the light is only really helpful in poorly lit areas. During times when you are fighting the Nano monsters, the light isn’t much help at all.

12 – Ancillary Cores Affect Implants And Armor

If you are becoming frustrated because you cannot put on a piece of armor, remember that your implants and your armor share the same power core. The ancillary power core adds a little extra power so you can wear different pieces of armor while keeping your main implants running.

The first ancillary core is pretty easy to find because it comes from the heads of scavengers. They are the first type of enemy you meet when you break out of prison. Cut off a few scavenger heads, and you will get the first ancillary core implant.

13 – Dropped Items Are Not Quick to Disappear

When enemies drop items, there is a very long time limit for picking them up. If you are in the same area and do not reset things by using a medibay, dying, or visiting another area where you hit a loading screen, then the items are in no hurry to go away. When I was making the video for this article, I cut off a bunch of scavenger heads for the montage in the a previous tip. When I was finished, I was able to walk back and collect all the stuff the enemies had dropped.

14 – Do Your Best To Take Down Revenge Enemies

If the online features are still running when you play, then revenge enemies may turn up. They are enemies that have killed other players in the game. Do your best to take them down; using up your drone ammunition if you must. They offer added upgrade materials that helps to speed up your upgrading. The drone can still knock off limbs if needed. As you can see from this video, the drone knocked off the enemy’s arm so that I could collect it.

15 – The Tech-Scrap Retrieval Timer Stops Near Medibays

You drop your tech scrap upon death. It will be lost if the timer in the top left corner runs out. Defeating an enemy will add 20 seconds to the timer. Being close to your lost tech scrap will slowly heal you and picking it up will fully replenish your health.

Most people are unaware that they can add 20 seconds to the timer by killing an enemy. In addition to this, when you respawn at a medibay, the timer for retrieving your lost tech scrap will not start ticking until you walk away from the medibay.

This is not a Dark Souls game, so you can pause the game and stop the timer that way, but no doubt the developers know we all run to the toilet or check our phones during loading screens, and they probably didn’t want us missing out on our lost tech scrap because of it. There has been many times I have busied myself during loading screens and have been distracted. If it were not for the timer freezing near medibays, I would have lost thousands of tech scrap by now.

16 – When Does The DLC Start?

You should start by going to the starting screen and looking under the option that says “Downloadable Content.” Here it will show you all the DLC you have bought. Start the game and play it through all the way to where you break out of the prison. Talk to the guy on the roof, and after that dialogue tree stuff is over, your DLC will activate. You will see the DLC icons appear on screen. There are actually more of these types of activation notifications as you pick things up during the game.

There are pieces of DLC armor and weapons dotted around the map, which are taken from DLC enemies that were added into the gaming world. Once you get the lifter hook, later in the game, you make your way back to the Seaside Court Supply Route, over though the Port Nixon Throughway. Run across the sludge and you will see a new boat. Get in the boat to start the Surge 2 kraken DLC, which is the story content part of the DLC.

DLC start in The Surge 2

I do suggest that you do the Kraken DLC as early as it appears in the game because it offers a bunch of items and loot that you can use the make the base game easier. The longer you wait to do the DLC mission, then the easier the DLC becomes, but the less useful its loot items become.

17 – The DLC Lootscan.exe

I have the Loot Scan drone from the paid DLC. It’s written description says it identifies objects hidden around the world. This means if there is an implant or some scrap laying around as part of the primary gameplay loop, then this device will identify it.

What it won’t do is identify things in boxes and under various other circumstances, which at first makes this drone seem a little under powered. But, in truth this is the game’s best quality of life improvement, and it sucks they made me pay extra for it.

In short, it picks up things that enemies have dropped. Instead of defeating an enemy and then walking over and picking up its stuff like a lawbreaker doing some trash collecting as community service (also, I see you picking stuff out of bins and then taking it back to your handler and pretending you did lots of trash pickup). Instead of going over and picking the stuff up, you activate the lootscan drone and it picks up the stuff for you.

One of its best and most amazing qualities of the Loots scan drone is that it picks up the items that enemies dropped over a very wide area. As you probably know, the Capitol City area is a fair size. Not overly big, but has plenty of room to hide a load of enemies. I do a quick smash-up of the enemies dotted around that area. I stand in the middle and activate the Loot Scan drone, and I pick up so many dropped items that there isn’t enough space to show them all on the bottom right of the screen.

The loot Scan drone quickly became my go-to drone because I don’t enjoy harvesting stuff off every enemy I destroy.

18 – The Rig Capacitor Implant is Kinda Handy

The Rig Capacitor implant isn’t exactly a game changer, but it is handy to know you have a charge stored up as you move from area to area. It is good if you are fighting tough battles and that extra heal or extra charge for a finisher is all too valuable. You can get it fairly early in the game, but don’t overlook it as just another disposable implant because it can be very useful.

19 – The Rig Capacitor and the VULTR Armor Set

During the early to mid-game, these go together very well. With the Rig Capacitor, you can keep a single battery charge stored for as long as you like, and when you execute an enemy with a finisher, the VULTR armor ensures your battery charge is not depleted. This means that if you simply keep a single charge on your battery at all times, you are always ready to execute one enemy after another without having to stop to recharge.

20 – You Can Block Projectiles

Perhaps a little un-intuitively.

Counterintuitively = The opposite of intuition

Un-intuitively = Who’d a thunk it.

Perhaps a little “Un-intuitively,” your weapon can block projectiles. Similar to blocking a flurry of melee attacks, you can block a stream of projectiles for as long as your stamina lasts. This is especially evident when the GAIA laser is trying to burn a hole in your skull. Your stamina is drained, but you don’t take any damage.

21 – Bank Your Scrap

When you visit a medibay, your bonus scrap multiplier will reset. However, if you are going to visit for whatever reason, you should bank your scrap. There is no sense in hanging on to it if you are already going to visit anyway.

You may not have enough tech scrap to level up, but there is no point in carrying it around and risking losing it. You should bank it to save up for more expensive items in shops or for further levels. You do not need to carry it around with you to shops because whatever you are carrying and whatever you are banked can be used at shops.

Also, you cannot take it out of the bank, but there is no need to take it out of the bank. Again, your primary use for the scrap is at your medibay where you level up, upgrade and construct. And, again, your banked scrap still acts as credit at any store you find in the game. So, even if it were possible to remove the scrap from the bank, there would be no point to it.

There is also metal scrap in this game. Do not feel like you have to save the metal scrap. Shown below where it says disassemble metal scrap.

Disassemble Metal Scrap

It only exists to give you added tech scrap. It is similar to the coldblood items in Bloodborne, or the soul items in Dark Souls where you consume them and it gives you a bunch of souls. There is no rush to disassemble your metal scrap, but don’t worry about hording it because it has no other use than to be disassembled and turned into banked tech scrap.

22 – Finishing Moves Have an Invulnerability Window

When the icon comes up telling you that you can finish an enemy, press and hold it right away, even if you are being attacked. There is a period of invulnerability that occurs as soon as your finisher animation starts, so don’t worry too much about timing your finishers with a safe window. Unless an enemy gets in a staggering hit during that brief period when your finisher charges, then you will be fine and should start pressing the finisher button as soon as it shows up.

23 – Timing A Bottle Smash

If you see an enemy about to throw something at you. Rush the enemy and they may be hurt by their own weapon. Of course, if you get too close, you could be hurt to, but you only take a fraction of the damage that the enemy does.

24 – What is a Backstab Kick in the Surge 2?

The “Clean Cut Trophy” asks you to, “Cut an enemy’s limb with the follow-up to a backstab kick.” To pull off a backstab, you have to sneak up on an enemy without them noticing you. Select a part to attack, and when you get close enough you will see a red marker appear in the middle of the enemy. This means that if you press “R1” or “RB” depending on your controller, your character will perform a backstab, which takes down a big chunk of your enemy’s health.

Backstab Kick

The following strike will also have a big impact, and that is how you get the backstab kick trophy. You target the area, wait for the red target symbol to appear on the enemy as you get closer, and then pull off your backstab kick. Attack again, and that second hit may remove a body part. If you do remove a body part, then you get the trophy/achievement.

It is not as easy as it sounds. You need an upgraded weapon and a very weak enemy. Try different weapons, especially cutting ones. There is also a degree of timing involved. Do not just mash the attack button twice. Wait almost a second before landing that second hit.

The starting enemies in the prison are pretty weak, so they are a good place to to for this trophy. Come back later when you have upgraded your weapon and are a little stronger. If you take down the enemy in two hits, then the limb should fall off and you will get the Clean Cut trophy. Ergo, when you are selecting a body part, don’t select the torso (body) because that part won’t cut off.

If you are still struggling with the Clean Cut trophy, try wearing the scavenger outfit for added damage after a successful backstab. Also if you want this trophy and you are late in the game, do not be disheartened because even in the very late stages of the game, there are enemies who are are spectacularly weak, often balanced by the fact that they have have either very high damage attacks or sneak attacks.

25 – Cutting Apart Higher Level Enemies With Your Drone

Finishing moves, also known as executions, are one way of cutting parts from enemies. Another way is to use the drone. Your drone can damage an enemy part and then go on to kill the enemy, which then drops the desired enemy part. If you start running out of ammunition, you can always go out and buy it with tech scrap.

The sniper rifle drone is especially powerful if it is paired with the “Drone Proximity Adapter” and if you aim for unarmored heads or body parts. You can destroy a part using the drone, and then finish the enemy with a finishing move. This saves on having to use several other drone shots to kill the enemy.

With the A.I.D Robotic Tracker at the level five gate in the Capitol City area, taking off its right leg and get a battery charge. Take off its left leg and get its weapon. If you already have its weapon, you get level six tungsten metal, which is great for leveling up your weapons. Take off its tail, and you get grenade launcher ammunition. During the early game, this robot is a killer, so being able to harvest its valuable parts with the pistol drone is very handy, but be aware that the valuable stuff is not a guaranteed drop. Sometimes you only get metal scrap or Omnicells when you carve up robots with your drone.

26 – Upgrading Your Equipped Items

If you are sticking with a certain armor set or weapon for a while, then when you go to your medibay, go to “Upgrade.” and press “L2” or Left Trigger on your game pad. It shows you only the things you have equipped; allowing you to upgrade those before your other items.

27 – You Can Run Through Boxes

This is a big one that I only discovered half way through the game. You can dash through boxes and destructible items rather than stopping to bash them with your weapon. Having to stop and bash boxes is a big time waster, especially since boxes will respawn every time you visit a medibay or checkpoint area.

28 – Going on a Parts Harvesting Grind

If you don’t have very long to play and don’t want to push through a story segment, then perhaps go harvesting for a little while. If you are going on a harvest grind, then find an area with a sensible number of enemies in a row, and decide to target one body part per run. So, on your first run, only cut off heads. Return to the medi bay, bank your credits, and next only do the left arm. Head, left arm, right arm, body, left leg, right leg. If you are grinding through a large enough area, you are probably going to collect all the armor schematics and weapons you will ever need in a single area.

29 – You Can Dive Attack From Above

You can drop or dive attack from higher locations. Just drop down or jump down and press one of your attack shoulder buttons. This is another feature that is very similar to something you can do in a Dark Souls game.

30 – Farming Components to Level Up Armor and Weapons

Enemies drop gear that is equal or lower than their level. You can see an enemy’s level by the number on the left of their health bar. For example, if the level of an enemy is five, then if you cut off something like the leg, then you receive a level 5 leg component. You can convert higher level parts into lower level parts too, so don’t worry if you are harvesting parts that are too highly leveled for your current build.

On a similar note, if you were looking for weapon parts to upgrade your weapon, you should keep attacking whichever arm the enemy is using to hold its weapon.

I noticed that security gate guards tend to be a little higher leveled than those in your current area. If you are looking to farm higher level stuff, then they are handy because you can usually draw them out and fight them one by one. It is easier than running into their zone and being surrounded by higher level enemies.

When you have leveled up a little in the game, you will get to an area outside the Cloud 9 club. Some of the enemies in the area are pretty tough, but you can pick up things like the Rhino head armor from cutting off heads, but you can also pick up the “Energized Material Converter” that gives you double crafting materials after an execution finishing move. This will dramatically cut down how long you need to spend farming for materials.

31 – The Favorite Weapons System

In the gear screen, you can highlight your favorite weapons. During the game, you can cycle between your favorite weapons using up on your D-pad. At first this may seem like a superfluous piece of gaming fluff, but it actually serves a purpose.

Different weapons or status effects are more effective on some enemies over others. Using the favorites system, you can quickly switch between weapons to tackle each enemy. For example, you can switch between the Nano weapons to take down robots, and then quickly switch to the heavy-duty weapons to deal with armored humans.

32 – You Can Heal While Attacking

Whether you are healing using battery power, or healing using stored healing injections, you do not need to stand still. Even while repeatedly pressing shoulder buttons to attack, you can press the circle button or the “B” to replenish your health as you fight. There is a slight delay between pressing the button and the health item activating, but healing during combat can help you tank your way through some trickier encounters.

33 – Spamming Attacks Will Cost More Stamina

Before the next tip where I lay out a few combos, it is important that you understand how the stamina function works because the combo game mechanic suffers if you don’t. The game wants you to time your attacks rather than keep pressing the shoulder buttons really quickly. If you time your attacks rather than spamming them, then is saves stamina.

Take a weapon like the Titan If you were to time your hits perfectly in order to conserve stamina, then you can get in around five attacks, which is five R2 button presses, before you run out of stamina. On a separate occasion, if you simply mash the R2 button, the stamina bar will jump down very quickly and you will only get in four attacks before you ran out of stamina.

If you want to conserve stamina, then try to time your attacks. This becomes especially important if you want to utilize combos to their fullest. It is difficult to explain outside of a direct visual example, but each weapon has its own animation, and the game wants you to press the button for each weapon as the attack animation is just about to end.

34 – Two Combos That Work For All Weapons

In the next tip, I am going to talk about some specific combos for each weapon, but for now, know that there are two combos that work for every single weapon in the game.

Certain combinations of horizontal and vertical attacks are particularly powerful against armored or unarmored parts of your enemy respectively. As a result, there are two combos that work for every weapon in the game.

The first is the combo R1 R2 R2, which does extra damage to armored areas and body parts.
The second combo is R2 R1 R1, which should added damage to unarmored areas.

These are two combos that work for any weapon, but the timings for each weapon are different. For example, you will have to press them slower in time with the swings of heavier weapons. Simply pressing the button combinations is not enough, you need to get the timing right for each weapon to pull off the combos.

Try practicing with faster weapons first. Take the Metamorphing Talons for example. They have an attack speed of 111%. They are quick, so it is easier to time the combos correctly. It is hard to see, but a pop-up appears when you do the combo correctly.


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